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AMPS Staffing Inc. For Employers
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Finding qualified and reliable tradesmen, laborers, journeyman, foreman and supervisors is clearly one of the biggest challenges facing nearly every contractor and employer in the US and Canada. Let’s face it; you CANNOT continue to do the same things that you’ve always done. As the demand for a quality workforce continues to increase, a basic newspaper ad or a sign on the back of your trucks simply isn’t effective anymore.

Our philosophy is very simple—to allow Contractors, Service Companies, Engineering Firms, Manufacturers, Wholesale Suppliers, Building Owners and Manufacturers Reps to network and integrate their human resources. Instead of each company trying to do the same thing with everyone duplicating each other’s efforts, AMPS Staffing Inc. consolidates the recruiting function into one centralized resource. We are your Workforce Integrators and we handle everything from recruitment to payroll.

three professionals wearing hard hats in a facility
man talking on phone and looking at clip board in his hand


Let’s say that there are five things that each company can do to find the perfect person. For example; print ads, job postings on the internet, a sign on the back of a truck, or at the jobsite, but for whatever reason (money, time, and additional resources) you’re only able to do one out of the five. The odds of finding the person that you need would be slim. However, if you could do two out of the five, your odds would double.

Now what if you could do all five things? If the perfect person were out there, you’d find them, but only if the timing is right. Once you’re doing everything you can to find the right person, you need to repeat those efforts every day, week or month.

It’s the goal of the AMPS resource network to consistently utilize every potential resource to locate the people you need to hire, virtually eliminating the need for you to spend any additional resources on recruitment and employment advertising.


With the changes to the Healthcare Reform Act, employers need to be on their toes in regards to compliance with the new laws.

Are you prepared to pay penalties to the government? Did you know that if even one of your employees chooses the Health Exchange over your insurance you face a $2000 penalty? You would need to create an entire position to manage the Healthcare Reform Act requirements, and even then it does not guarantee you won’t be burdened with costly penalties.

Let your employees become our employees—put your mind at ease.

men outside wearing hard hats
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  • Advertisement of Open Positions
  • Recruitment
  • Structured Interview Process
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • New Employee Orientation and Health and Safety Compliance
  • Payroll
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental and Vision
  • Healthcare Reform Act Compliance
  • Dedicated on-site Representative for Large Projects


We are your workforce integrators and we handle everything from recruitment to payroll. Get in touch with us today!

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