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AMPS Staffing has been in the business of providing recruitment and industrial staffing solutions to the qualified trades industry catering to employers for contractors, laborers, journeyman, foreman and supervisors since 2006.

AMPS Staffing offers great job opportunities with sound companies, many of which are on the Fortune 100 list. We offer consistent work, a comprehensive benefits package, flexible scheduling and skills training. We provide quality opportunities for your future….and your life.

ATI “Boot Camp”

     The basic survival skills course for AMPS Training Institute (ATI), commonly referred to as “boot camp,” is required of all new recruits to better prepare them before being assigned to a job and contractor.  Our ATI Boot Camp prepares potential and existing hired staff through safety training, basic tool training and theory so they can show up on the job the first day and are safe and productive.

     Electro-mechanical employees come from a variety of backgrounds and all too often lack the hybrid skills when they first begin training.  As a leader in the electro-mechanical industry, Darana Hybrid, Inc. has partnered with AMPS Staffing to create ATI, an innovative approach to the staffing and training pipeline. 

     In the past, new hires were required to train on their own prior to employment. Because of their skill level, it sometimes took them two to three weeks to become acclimated to working on a job site.

For a full week, all students are in a very controlled environment at the training center learning the following:

  • Corporate Mission, Vision, Values & Ethics
  • Orientation to the Electro-mechanical Trade Industry
  • Electrical & Mechanical Aptitude Tests
  • Field Demand
  • Workplace & Sexual Harassment
  • Safety & Certifications (OSHA 10, etc.)
  • Hands-On Training

AMPS Staffing encourages participation from all walks of life and skill levels. Training works around your schedule. 

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